Hug It Out


When was the last time you hugged someone?

Today is National Hug Day so it’s a perfect day to limber up those arms and get squeezing.

Hug your pet, hug a co-worker, hug a tree. While you’re at it why not wear a figure hugging outfit?

The best hugs from my childhood where always the cuddly, nurturing ones from my grandma. I’d always feel so safe in her arms until the squeezing got just a little carried away and it became hard to breathe. Her hugs overflowed with love and they still do to this day.

These days, my favourite hugs are shared with my four year old son when he’s tired and warm and still for long enough so I can savour his embrace.

Today I might try something new. Maybe sweaty hugs at the gym? Maybe not..

In any case, National Hug Day is a great reminder that the best things in life are free. Everyone loves a hug. So open up those arms and let the hugging begin.

Jess xx


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