We broke a promise and we aren’t sorry.

We have something to confess.

We didn’t follow through on a promise.

For those of you who read yesterday’s post, you will know that we had made plans to punish our glutes at Jacob’s Ladder.

Well…..we bailed.

But listen okay, it was way too hot! The last time we attempted Jacob’s in that kind of heat, we felt the joy of light-headedness and dehydration. When it came right down to it neither of us were up for that again, especially after having worked all day.

We had made a promise to each other, to ourselves and to you guys that we would be out there last night climbing the stairway to heaven. Then we didn’t.

Do we feel guilty?


Sometimes your body speaks to you and leads you in another direction. We knew a workout at Jacob’s in the heat would just be too hot to handle (for us at least – I’m sure there was some diehards climbing their little legs off).

Does that mean we went home and lay down on the couch eating packets of Oreos?


There is always another option to take. There is always another path to try. So we took the beach path.

An 8 km beach powerwalk had us sweating up a storm. We threw in a few hill sprints and a plank-off at the end (Eloise won with a time of 2.10 minutes). The breeze kept us cool and the sunset at the end was the perfect reward.


So we didn’t follow through, so what. Sometimes 38°C days just happen. When you get thrown a curve ball it’s not a big deal. If you use the opportunity to make a different, but just as healthy choice, there is no need to apologise.

Jess xx


2 thoughts on “We broke a promise and we aren’t sorry.

  1. I love your message, guilt doesn’t serve us and staying active while enjoying ourselves does! I have been changing my mindset on a lot of things fitness related and find we are always best off going with the flow and having fun. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful reminder.

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