Workout without even realizing it


It’s Sunday funday and we want to know what you are doing to get your body moving today! If you don’t feel like slogging it out in the gym on your weekend, try some of the ideas below instead.20140119-103754.jpg

  • It’s going to be another scorcher here in Perth today so if you were dreaming of a day at the beach or laying by the pool, you can easily incorporate some exercise in to that! Jump in and do some laps! Even better, do a couple of beach sprints then splash in the ocean to cool off. How about working out those triceps as you lower yourself in and out of the pool? Or even, tread water in the deep end.
  • Were you planning on catching up with friends today? Why not make it an active catch-up? Instead of going out for lunch, meet up for a walk or a bike ride! Burn calories rather than consume them.
  • Maybe the idea of getting outside in the stinking hot 38 degree heat is a little too much for you to bare and you’d rather stay indoors amongst the air conditioned comfort. No problem! Chuck on an exercise DVD or roll out your yoga mat and do some stretching in your living room.

These are just some suggestions of ways to get your body moving on your day off. Getting active doesn’t have to hinder your plans or take over your down time. As you can see, it’s pretty simple to incorporate incidental exercise into your day. This is multi-tasking at its best!

Jess and I both work weekends so we have to schedule our exercise around our shifts.

I woke up early this morning and did a 8km hour-long power walk by the lake near my house. Then tonight after work, the two of us are going to do some grueling runs at the infamous Jacobs ladder (Perth peeps know all about this guy – killer butt, leg and cardio workout).

Jacobs Ladder on a quiet day

Jacobs Ladder on a quiet day

So, with this is mind, how are you going to get active today? We’d love to know how you fit exercise in during your down time.

Elo xx

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