Sounds of Summer


Mindfulness. Being in the moment. Being present. All terms to describe the same thing, the act of appreciating the moment you are in.

Savouring the present can come easily to some while others struggle with the concept.

Eloise cannot still her mind. She is always going a mile a minute and therefore has a tense relationship with her yoga mat. I, on the other hand, can easily switch off and meditate on a single thought. It has taken practise and time, but being able to train my mind this way has been a huge plus to my general wellbeing.

Something I like to do is listen. It sounds so simple, it’s almost ridiculous and yet focusing on one sound for more than 5 seconds can be a challenge if your not used to it.

What do I even mean by ‘listening’?

I mean taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate the sounds that fill your world that would normally make up background noise.

My favourite noises happen in summer. Yes I have a favourite season for listening because that’s how much I have come to appreciate the joy of it. So if you want to give it a try and don’t know want the hell I am rambling about, feel free to steal from my list of favourite sounds as a way to kick start your mindfulness quest.

  • Early rising Magpies singing as I walk through the carpark at the train station.
  • Basketballs hitting the pavement and banging of the hoop from the park outside my bedroom window.
  • The rhythmic rolling and crashing of waves on the shore. When the air is still the sound carries all the way to my house which make hanging out the washing way more enjoyable.
  • The busy hum of a cafe with people clicking their cutlery, chatting and laughing.
  • Happy shouts and squeals from
    kids playing in the park across from our house.
  • Chill reggae music will always put a smile on my dial.

The list is always growing. I guarantee you already have some sounds on your list even if you don’t realise it yet.

Jess xx