Beginning a Weightloss Journey

mountain journey

Was your goal this year to lose all the weight that has accumulated out of seemingly nowhere? This is the year you will break the cycle. This year WILL NOT be like every other one before it. By December you will look back on the you from January with absolute awe at everything you have achieved.

Keep this in mind as you commence your weightloss journey: if the unwanted kilos have taken sometime to build up, they will take some time to shift as well. How long has it really taken to build up? A couple of years of little to no exercise? A decade of prioritising other things ahead of your health? Or maybe a lifetime of terrible food choices?

In this world of instant everything, it can be easy to get frustrated and even discouraged when you don’t see instant results (we realise there are some dodgy companies out there who will try to sell you ‘instant results’ but just DO NOT believe them -that’s a post for another day).  You’re going to do this the only way there is  – through healthy eating and exercise.

So what happens if in 2 weeks time you feel like the results aren’t enough to keep you motivated? Maybe you have spent 14 days straight diligently exercising and turning away offers of those treats that make your mouth water. It feels like it has been forever but the weightloss is slow? You can’t see a difference in the mirror at all? Maybe you have started to tell yourself the popular lie of ‘there is no point in me putting in all this effort because I will stay the same shape no matter what’.



Don’t let those negative thoughts creep in and send you on a downward spiral.  I am here to tell you that even though (despite the blood, sweat and tears) you feel no different, your body IS in fact changing and becoming healthier.

Want proof? It’s right in front of you. Have you noticed and appreciated all these changes:

  • The whites of your eyes are brighter.
  • Your getting a better quality of sleep.
  • Your mood has improved for the better.
  • You feel ‘cleaner’, lighter and less sluggish.
  • Your skin is becoming more radient.
  • Activities that used to exhaust you are becoming less of a struggle.
  • The happiness that your friends and family feel knowing that you are finally taking charge of your health

And here is the most important one…

  • The pride you feel at following through on the promises you have made to yourself.

Kilograms and centimetres are not the only measure of your success. If your not seeing the numbers just yet, be confident that you will in time. Remember to appreciate all the little achievements you are making along the way. Let them remind you that you are in fact heading in the right direction.

Jess xx