Plan it. Write it. Do It!


Eloise getting her list on.

Eloise getting her list on.


How good are lists? Writing lists, reading lists, checking things off lists!

I LOVE lists! I l just love, love, love them!!! (Good Luck Chuck reference there, for those who didn’t catch it. For those that did, kudos to you!)

But seriously, writing lists is great. For me, writing a list helps me to remember things, de-clutters my mind of all the scattered thoughts causing havoc in my head and quite frankly, helps me to feel more in control.

When I write lists of things I need (or want) to do, I actually get more stuff done because I am far more productive and efficient with my time.

I also really enjoy the actual, physical pen-to-paper act of writing things down… yeah I am weird!

Anywayyyyy…. back to why lists are so fantastic.

One of my favourite things to write down is my exercise plan for the week ahead. I usually write it in my diary so I can work it around my shifts, but sometimes I will also write it in list form on random scrap pieces of paper. ie: when I am standing at the counter at work and there are no customers. Come to think of it, most of my list writing takes place here.

There is just something about writing my workouts down in my diary that gives me that little bit more motivation to get them done! Once something is written in my diary, it’s like gospel! They become appointments I have made with myself that I cannot, under any circumstances, cancel. Although, theoretically if I were to use a pencil, these appointments could be erased… so that’s why I use a pen!

In all honesty though, try it! Whether its a run, walk, going to the gym or attending a fitness class, plan out your exercises. Write it down somewhere and refer back to it each evening to remind yourself what you have planned for the next day’s workout.


Today is Sunday, tomorrow is Monday (thank-you captain obvious), so today (being Sunday) would be a great time to plan and write out your workouts for the week ahead!

Plan it, Write it, Do it!

You’ll be amazed how much more inclined you will be to follow through with your intended exercise.

Elo xx

P.S: Use a pen.

Share your thoughts in the reply section below. I also welcome any thoughts from fellow list-loving individuals who simply appreciate the brilliance of a good list!