Happy New Year!

Get set for a new year.

Get set for a new year.

Firstly, Happy New Year! 2013 is over and 2014 is just beginning.

So, usually on the first day of the New Year it is pretty standard to hear a whole lot of that ‘New Year, New You’ bullsh**t (pardon our French), amongst talk of resolutions (which, let’s be honest, most people probably won’t keep for much longer than a week).

And that’s ok.

Really, it is. There is nothing wrong with a good new year’s resolution. In fact, we are all for setting goals and having targets to work towards.

But what about this, what about you reflect back on the year that was and think about all that you are grateful for from 2013? Think about your achievements, experiences, lessons learned, relationships and everything in between.

What were your favourite (and least favourite) moments? What were you most grateful for? What things do you want to improve on, change or grow in 2014?

While you do your reflecting, we’ll do ours too. Stay tuned for when we post back tomorrow with our thoughts and our 2014 goals (minus the bulls**t).

Elo xx

Coming Up This Week

  • Tips on staying dedicated to an active lifestyle
  • Get to know us a little more
  • H2O is the go!

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