The Beginning…

Eloise and Jessica

Eloise and Jessica

Welcome to our first ever post!

This blog has been a while in the making and we have been waiting patiently for the perfect moment to introduce ourselves to you all.  Maybe you have already come across us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and already know a little about us. Still, we would really quite like to introduce ourselves formally….

We are sisters,  Jessica and Eloise and we are delighted to meet you. We aren’t twins but we might as well be. Here is our little story:

Once upon a time Jess was not feeling so crash hot so she went for a walk down to her local ‘happy place’ and spent some time thinking. Jess knew that one way to restore some tranquility in her mind was to ‘list it out’. So she she sat, pen and notebook in hand and wrote a list of all the things that never fail to bring her happiness.

She looked at all the things on the list and decided that there must be a way to roll all of these things into one big, giant ball of happiness. Only one way came to mind. BLOG! But she didn’t want to do it alone and there was only one person who she knew would want in on this.

So she didn’t consult Elo. She didn’t have to. Instead, she used her sister-power ESP to ask Elo if she was down for an inspiring new adventure and Elo was all for it. A few days later Jess told Elo her plans and she responded with ‘Didn’t we already have this conversation 3 days ago in our heads? I already told you, I’m in.”

So here we are. One Active Life is a lifestyle and a blog. We are here to share our mutual passion for living an active and wholesome lifestyle. And we aren’t experts either. We are just like you. We always have more to learn and love to share what we have learnt along the way.

One Active Life is a place where we hope to connect with you all. Let’s rock this One Active Life together!

Jess + Elo

Coming Up This Week…..

  • New Years goals
  • Tips on staying dedicated to an active lifestyle
  • Get to know Jess and Elo a little more